Sydney is consistently rated as one of the world’s best cities. But there is more to the pristine beaches and natural landmarks. When you’re here, you will understand and fall in love with this amiable city. These are the reasons why.


Our spectacular landmarks

Whether you’re hiking the Blue Mountains or enjoying a show at the Opera House, Sydney is the home to the most illustrious manmade and natural landmarks. Picnics can be held on our beautiful harbour islands with magnificent views of our famous landmarks and city skyline. If you want to get away from the city, asphalt-free places of natural reserves are all within an hour’s drive.


Our easy going locals

Many of our locals will call you “mate”, “buddy” or “darling” and make you feel very welcome. From being more than happy to give you directions when you’re lost to joining us for a drink and fun tunes on North Bondi grassy knoll. Not only are we friendly to people but we love our animals, we even have dog cafes where you can order a lactose free “pupaccino” for your pooch!


The coffee is legit

We have a dedication to coffee here in Sydney. You will become aware of how good our coffee is compared to the imitation lattes and drip coffee. Our coffee is actually drinkable! With many cafes roasting their own in-house beans, you will never set foot into a Starbucks here.


Our love affair with food

We’re loving the transformation of Sydney’s food scene with our hideaway cafes, relaxing bars and beachside dining. With a young group of “foodies” opening up new bars and restaurants, they have embraced cultural diversity from juicy Portuguese burgers, flavourful homemade Italian cured meats to cloud-like dumplings that melt in your mouth.


We rage over a healthy lifestyle

Yoga, surfing, soft sand running and group workouts – you name it. Locals love to exercise outdoors from summer to winter. With our breathtaking coastal walks and flawless beaches, why wouldn’t you? We’re all about maintaining health and wellbeing. Obsessed with organic produce and health foods, locals have made it a ritual to visit the growers markets which are situated at several locations every weekend to grab some produce fresh from the farm.


Seafood straight from the sea

From our famous fish and chips to ceviche, Sydney hosts the freshest seafood with the biggest fish market in the southern hemisphere. Locals and visitors love to pop into the local fish and chip shops or the Sydney Fish Market for the catch of the day and special deals for lobsters, prawns, bugs and an assortment of sea creatures. If you’re an oyster lover, the perfect size and intense taste of Sydney rock oysters are a must.