Top 5 Most Haunted Places

by Saqif Hasan


Sydney is filled with urban myths, horror stories and downright freaky occurrences that have never been explained. From haunted houses to mental hospitals, there’s a dark side to Sydney that not many people know about. Xplore Sydney brings you the top 5 most haunted places in Sydney, and you can go visit them for yourself – if you’re brave enough.


Gladesville Mental Hospital (Formerly Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum)


Rugged Sandstone walls hold in empty jail cells in the now abandoned insane asylum. Outside is just as creepy with a placid creek lined with weeping willow trees, which with the slightest breeze, screech against the windows of the building. Under the hospital grounds lay the corpses of more than 1000 psychiatric patients, most of them unknown and without a single headstone.

Built back in the 1800s, but later shut down due to the prison-like conditions, Gladesville Mental Hospital is something straight out of a horror movie. With such depressing history and the bodies of hundreds yearning for remembrance, it’s no surprise the hospital is claimed to be haunted.

Walking through the icy corridors, you might still hear the wailings of the tortured patients, as some visitors have reported. There have also been cases of night guards quitting on the job after seeing a strange disfigured man standing in the outback tool shed; perhaps the restless ghost of a long dead patient?

Where: Victoria Rd, Gladesville


The Haunted Quarantine Station

Q station 1

Since the colonisation of Australia in the 1800s, settlers brought in diseases like the plague and smallpox. To prevent them from spreading, the diseased were locked into a Quarantine station in North Head, separated from the outside world. Inside it was like a smaller world, with its own hospital, post office, and paved streets- but it didn’t distract from the depressing truth; that it was just a human dumping ground. Countless people have died in there, including patients and their nurses.

To this day it is conspired that their restless souls never left the station, and almost all of the visitors have experienced something strange. People have seen an eerie glow from a distant hospital ward, only to run there and find it empty, and with all the lights turned off. Some tourists claim to have talked with a little girl with blonde plaits. Others say she held their hand and lead them around the pathways, only to find out that there were no children on the tour.

Where: 1 North Head Scenic Drive, Manly

Redbank Range Tunnel


The tunnel runs for 180 metres through a hill, but peeking in would make you think it goes on forever. As you enter and walk down the now abandoned train tracks, it just gets darker until you’re swallowed in pitch black. Used between 1867 – 1919, the Redbank Range Railway Tunnel in Picton was closed due to the overwhelming number of suicides by locals who would throw themselves in front of the train.

Emily Bollard was one such victim who died in 1916, and many believe she haunts the tunnels to this day. Some visitors claim to have seen glimpses of her ghostly image still wandering the dark corridor at night.


The Wakehurst Parkway

Wakhurst Pwy

There have been countless fatalities, and time after time police urge us to use other roads, but what’s really causing these crashes down Wakehurst Parkway?

You’re speeding down the highway in the middle of nowhere. It’s so dark all you see is what your headlights let you. There are no street lights – just thick forests on either side that don’t ever seem to end. You look in the mirror to check if there are any cars behind you, but there’s just empty road – and a little girl in the back seat staring blankly back at you…

It is said that if you’re driving down after midnight, the ghost of a young girl named Kelly will appear in your car. If she is not informed that her presence is unwanted, she’ll make the car swerve off the road and into the trees.


Studley Park House


Said to be Camden’s most haunted building, Studley Park House was built in 1889 and sold countless times over by its many different owners. Lasting only a few years before being sold to the next, it was bought by Dr Henry Oliver who made it into a boarding school. On October 15, 1909, fourteen year old student Ray Blackstone tragically drowned while swimming in a nearby dam with 5 other boarders. His lifeless body was dragged and stored away in the cellar, awaiting burial. After the incident, the house was quickly sold and with it came a curse-like stain that resulted in many more deaths and an endless cycle of fleeing owners.

Today the house belongs to Camden Golf Course, and although the “curse” has seemed to be lifted, people still claim to witness strange occurrences. There have been reports of hearing voices from the attic, and a lady staring out of the window at night when the building was supposedly vacant. A hangman’s noose was also found dangling from the steeple inside, like a haunting reminder of all those who have died.

Where: Lodges Road, Narellan


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  1. I worked at cumberland hospital use to be parramatta psych centre built 1800 it is haunted. Had a wiping stone that had to be removed as it bled at certain time year and sent patients into a frenzy and I seen it. Also had dungeons where they use to lock up misbehaved patients took a tour and it really made my neck crawl I really felt the pain of these people scratchy in the sandstone as they go crazy from isolation. Before it was a psych hospital it was where gentlemen went to get their slaves etc. Use to love hearing about the history and enjoyed working there even though haunted I felt safe.

  2. kat rowlands says:

    has anyone went to st bsrtholomews church prospect?

  3. stayed at “the carrington hotel” at the blue mountains..lovely and interesting place, did not experience anything unusual.. but was told later the place is haunted….is this true?

  4. Colleen Best says:

    I was in nth Strathfield private hospital in 1988 and it was dec 21st and they were closing the hospital to pull it down and there was only 3 patients and the matron there and you could here all the people upstairs on the 1st floor moving all the beds around and the sounds of the trolleys being wheeled around, but there was nothing up there it had been empty for years, and matron said she had been in this hospital from day one as a trainee nurse and she believed it was haunted by the patients that had died up there. She had seen a few over the years . We never seen them as we were on the ground floor but we certainly heard them

  5. Yeah I went to the The Haunted Quarantine Station it was so freaky, I was looking through the hospital window and thier was a figure of a nurse in her old uniform looking out through the far window looking at the water, when she saw me she slowly turned around and looked at me, I freaked and started running down screaming.. I end up tripping and triped; I broke the lantern lol..

  6. The monte crIsto homestead is very hunted, I end up getting some orbs on my iPad did not realise at the time and that was during the day time but my partner and I going back In October for our anversery so I will let you all know how it goes lol

  7. Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum – The reference to “night guards quitting on the job after seeing a strange disfigured man standing in the outback tool shed” is very likely about me. Apart from the “disfigured” part, it is exactly what happened. Although techincally i didn’t quit my job but rather refused to return to that location. That was back in 1990 and wasn’t the building pictured.

  8. Try our kitchen walls…Started thumping at night awhile back and now I’;m use to it and no its not the neighbours just reinforced concrete walls,

  9. Jono Goonan says:

    i have worked at studley park on the golf course and have seen a couple of strange things, I also have guys that do cleaning at gladesville hospital at night and I work at callan park and had one strange thing happen there aswell.
    As for Picton tunnels I’m not sure I use to go there quite often on weekends before it got closed off to the public and not much ever happened while I was there

  10. The old no longer used now abandoned Canberra Pet Cemetery… Shame cant up load some photos… DAMN

  11. Helensburgh has an abandoned cemetery in the thick bush from the t.b patients that died (about 1000) in early 1900’s. They were all living at the creepy as Garrawarra hospital/farm which is 1km north of the cemetery, the building’s are still there today and next to it is the new Garrawarra retirement village, Also Town Hall in Sydney has hundreds of disturbed graves under it-

  12. Do any of you have any links to information about the ha-ha wall at gladesville or the wentworth falls mental hospital?

    • Chefsean666 says:

      Luke there’s a HA Ha wall at the haunted Mayday Hills Asylum just over the new vic border in Beechworth …. Check my #hauntednsw posts on Instagram I’m there as @chefsean666anout 100 posts on just this hashtag of mine…. Been to few places that are freaky, naturally the Famous Monte Cristo in Junee went to twice… Weird as it was infamous one place that wigged me out most is down in the foothills of Mt Kembla in my hometown of Wollongong … Check out Windy Gully Cemetery at nite alone by yourself !!!!! **** creepy

    • The Wentworth Falls “mental hospital” was nothing of the sort. It is Boddington Hospital which started life as a Red Cross Tuberculosis Sanitorium in 1903 and later became and remains an aged care facility (both my Great Grandmother & grandmother died there). The Ha Ha walls are dry ditches or moats surrounding some of the yards of the old late 19th century wards. They were also built in other NSW asylums such as Kenmore, Callan Park and Parramatta (where they have all been filled in).

  13. Didn’t mention Pyrmont Fire Station either, which has been documented by the government.

  14. @Lauren
    i drove down the road to wentworth falls mental hospital by accident one day and one look at it and i got chills.. later hearing the stories…. i wont go back there. I Have a friend who lives on the same street as the hospital

  15. Gledswood homestead I went there recently for the ghost tour and got two crazy photos.. one of a ghost dog in the pet cemetery the other a man with a beard standing in the window while the house was empty

  16. Wentworthfalls mental hospital, shits all over these

  17. Fisher’s Ghost at Campbelltown. Can’t believe It never got a mention!

    • Hey mate, every time for two years I went to the fishers ghost for two, apparently when he comes out but I never seen him, I think it’s a big myth.. But maybe I would take the photo of it, he might show up!!

  18. Is there a bus tour you can go on or do you just rock up?

  19. Is the Gearin Hotel open to the public? I’ve always wanted to there to see how big the place is

  20. If you haven’t been to the Gearin Hotel in Katoomba, you are missing out on the creepiest and most active hotel I have experienced. Poltergeist activity, unseen hands touching you and ghost kids running around…

  21. Does any body know where the abandoned morgue is in Helensburg?

  22. I’ve been to sarahs grave during the day and read all the gravestones and there isn’t anyobe called sarah there but its still a freaky place at night

  23. Gaol not jail.

  24. My father used to work and tun the entire Gladesville Hospital and my sister lived on the site until recently. I have stayed overnight on numerous occasions and its very creepy. Especially the dungeons and the ha-ha wall (look it up)

  25. Sarah’s Grave at Castlereagh and The Gap trump them all

  26. Leon Matthew Paul Cooper says:

    What about the convict graveyard in Windsor , next to the haunted jolly frog !!

  27. highlandish says:

    Sydney’s Victoria Barracks in paddington is also haunted by Charlie, and the picton tunnel too

  28. What about the Vault at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney? Or the Male toilets of the old State Theaterette? Balmoral bus terminus? Pacific Highway? And most recently Carriage Works Men’s Toilet & Facilities. Don’t we all see dead people in public toilets?

    • State Theatre has a few weird things going on, especially if you ever get to go into basement/sub-basement, I assure you.

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