Photography – From the Graveyard to the Passion


Paula Polintan.

I’m a self-taught photographer from Manila. The first photo that inspired me was when I photographed a boy jumping over a grave in a graveyard while I was helping to make a documentary film, and that photo was what got me into photography.

Then I decided to look on the internet – how to use the camera manually, how to use the settings, then I attended some seminars on photography. When I got here to Sydney I fell in love with the city so I’m very much into Sydney’s landscape and cityscapes.

What do you think about the changing nature of photography in the modern world?
Today everybody is a photographer cause everyone has a camera in their pocket. It’s good they’re able to express themselves through pictures cause that’s what I do. I can’t express myself through writing, I express myself through my photographs. It’s my way of releasing stress.

Film photography is more dramatic and more meaningful, although I’m not saying digital is not meaningful. With film photography that one photo has to be the perfect shot.

Do you see your future in photography?
For now I just love taking pictures. I can see myself doing it professionally but it’s not about the money – it’s all about passion.



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  1. bianca capalad says:

    Ive known her for quite a long time. She’s indeed very passionate about inspiring people through photography, sending message to people of community, initiate actions through pictures and motivates people to continue. Her photographs are truly deserve to be seen by the whole world. Keep on capturing our eyes ate Paula with how beautiful you see the world is. 🙂

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