Nerd Out of the Cave

By Natalia Wikana

Image credit: Cecilia Jin

Image credit: Cecilia Jin

Smart, bespectacled, unconventional, probably haven’t moved out of their parent’s home and pale skin caused by a lack of vitamin D – it’s hard to break away from the stereotypical nerd. But nowadays there’s been a shift; with superhero and sci-fi movies smashing the box office (just think about Deadpool or The Force Awakens), video games gaining players from all walks of life, and board games booming in popularity, old-school nerd is out and geek chic is in.

Nerds are just passionate about what they love and with fandoms growing rapidly and conventions like Supanova and Comic-Con reaching worldwide status it seems like we’ve infiltrated most of mainstream society. And as the nerds continue to move towards world domination, our game caves at home no longer need to be our hideouts for those geek out sessions. Besides the net, there are plenty of physical places that have begun popping up where nerds can gather and relish in their passion together.

And if you need an example, The Nerd Cave is a great one. Nestled in Surry Hills within proximity to Central Station, the studio-sized venue is dedicated to all the nerds out there who want to find like-minded people and share in their interests. This place has everything you need from devoted staff to frequent competitions, from a plethora of games to choose from to themed events. Having gone to a Film Club Meetup just recently, it was mind-blowing to see these passionate attendees and realize that this isn’t just a place for the video game nerds.

You can join different gaming groups which are a great way to encourage and grow the community. You don’t need to be into video games – fans of board and card games are welcome too. All forms of gaming is catered and if you’re an introvert, the Nerd Cave is a friendly and safe environment; there’s no pressure to make friends, but chances are that you’ll come out of your shell by the end of your adventure.

Although it can be difficult to find since it’s upstairs, once you step into the Nerd Cave, you’ll feel right at home and forget about the outside world – temporarily of course. You can spend hours (up until midnight anyway) there surrounded by consoles, computers and things you would find at a regular arcade - they’ve got the whole nerd aesthetics thing nailed down. If that’s not enough, you can book in your own event so come on down and embrace your inner nerd!



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  1. I go to the cave on average 3 times a week and usually till midnight. My friends and I feel like it’s our 2nd home. Highly recommended to everyone and the board game library is free to use at any time! The guys who all run it are heaps approachable as well and really are passionate about what they do.

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