Mermaids Pools

Image credit: Graeme Myburgh
Image credit: Graeme Myburgh
Image credit: Graeme Myburgh
Image credit: Graeme Myburgh
Image credit: Graeme Myburgh
Image credit: Ken Eastwood

Grab your swimming gear and head out to Wollondilly for a day at the beautifully secluded Mermaids Pools. Just over an hour out of Sydney and accessible via a forest walk, it’s the perfect mini-adventure!

Starting at Rockford Road Bridge, the trail runs alongside Bargo River through Australian bushland and heath. Past a detour on the left that leads to The Potholes, you’ll reach a fork in the road. The upper track, “The Naked Way”, follows a ridge and is the easier of the two walks while the lower path, “The Potholes Track”, continues along Bargo River and is a little bit more tricky, involving some rock hopping at one point. The two routes join on the Matilda Track, which leads down to the beautiful Mermaids Pools.

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Historically believed by Aboriginal women to be protected by spirits, this stunning azure basin is surrounded by chiseled cliffs and rock platforms that are popular in summer for diving. The cliffs can be navigated, but be sure to watch your step, and don’t go alone. The flatness of the rocks also makes this a great place to sit and take in the view, or even have a small picnic. If you’re looking to cool down, but you don’t want to take the plunge into the pools, try sitting in the small stream leading up to the lagoon, or head further down to Tahmoor canyon and dip your feet in the small rock pools and pot holes that litter the place.

As this area has limited signage and no mobile phone coverage, it’s best to plan your path before you get there.

For more information on Mermaids Pools, including local alerts, refer to the official website.



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  1. It is just as we can say in our backyard and we did not know this beautiful places existed!! Thank you for posting!!

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