By Jessica Polak

Image Credit: KFit
Image Credit: KFit
Image Credit: KFit
Image Credit: KFit
Image Credit: KFit

Have you ever joined a gym only to find that the constant cycle of arms day, legs day, and abs day just bores you after a couple of months, no matter how many times you update your workout playlist? Then you realise that you have to pay a nasty cancellation fee if you want to cut your contract short? Well, we’ve found the perfect solution in the form of an app called KFit that will spoil you for choice and have you actually looking forward to your next fitness adventure.

Essentially acting like the Netflix for the fitness industry, KFit lets you join classes without the commitment of having to come back and you can even narrow the list down by work-out genre – think kayaking, zumba, or martial arts training all at your fingertips. The app is easy to use and provides you with all the necessary information about the where and when. You can even set up reminders for an upcoming class if you’re the forgetful type – as long as you’ve reserved a spot, you’ll be ready to go.

Find your zen with yoga, turn on beast mode at crossfit or expand your horizons with Gravity, a class where you will be suspended with straps from the roof. All this choice will kick your fitness into gear and that’s exactly the point – with so much variety available you’ll actually want to complete your workout of the day. To make it easier, the app allows users to search for activities narrowed down by location and time so you can find the class that suits your timetable.

Plan your workout schedule a week in advance; whether you feel up to those early morning boot camp sessions or would prefer a yoga class to de-stress after one of those long working days, this app will help you find your version of fit. So if you’re looking to up your endurance, lose some weight or just want to try something new, then KFit may just be the ticket to a healthier you without the hassle of signing that obligatory, soul-sucking gym contract.

For more information on KFit, head over to their official website.

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