Hornby Lighthouse and South Head

Hornby Lighthouse is best recognised by the distinct red and white lighthouse standing tall at the edge of South Head. Known as the “Lower Light”, distinguishing itself from “Upper Light” (Macquarie Lighthouse), Hornby Lighthouse was designed by Alexander Dawson, a New South Wales government architect.

It became apparent that a lighthouse was needed by the entrance of Port Jackson with the loss of two ships, Dunbar and Catherine Adamson, at the foot of South Head, in 1857. The lighthouse was then completed and first lit in 1858, becoming the third lighthouse to be built in New South Wales. Along with the lighthouse, the sandstone keeper’s cottage was also constructed.

The lighthouse and cottage is easily accessible where you can trek from Watsons Bay through to Camp Cove along the South Head Heritage Trail in Sydney Harbour National Park where you can bask in the glory of beautiful Sydney Harbour along the way. With the vast Pacific Ocean to the east, the area is a perfect spot to go whale watching during the winter. Our aerials showcase views from a unique bird’s eye perspective of Jackson Bay.



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