Great North Walk

Image Credit: New South Wales National Park
Image Credit: New South Wales National Park
Image Credit: Flickr / Catherine Marshall
Image Credit: Flickr / Cathm2
Image Credit: Flickr / Cathm2

Venture into 250km of natural and urban landscapes on the Great North Walk that winds from central Sydney all the way to downtown Newcastle. The walk is one of Australia’s most reachable trails with transport readily accessible from many starting points. Each experience is rated from easy, moderate to hard, so choose your level to create your own adventure.

The trail was first opened to mark the Bicentennial in 1988, and since then it has been the road taken for many hikers, families and tourists. Visit any six of the trails that follow the spine of the track, passing through Sydney city, the Hunter Valley and Newcastle. Whether you have a love for trees, coast or rivers, the Great North Walk hosts them all.

Take a weekend walk or a super-trek, which could last from 10 days to two weeks. Hikers beware, these super-treks are definitely reserved for the super fit and adventurous, so make sure you include a few leg days in your workouts before you start otherwise you may not be able to finish.

In 2012, two girls walked the entire track in 54 hours and 52 minutes, smashing the Great North Walk World Record. It was an experience they’ll never forget and neither will their bodies – you’ll definitely need to train up if you want to come even close to matching that feat.

For information on the Great North Walk, including local alerts, refer to the Official Website.


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