Escaping the Labyrinth

By Jessica Polak

Image Credit: Labyrinth Escape Room

Image Credit: Labyrinth Escape Room

Walking into Labyrinth Escape Rooms, you wouldn’t expect that there were two creepy themed chambers just down the hallway. While we waited expectantly to be let into the Insane Asylum, we amused ourselves with hand-held puzzles and were instructed of some basic rules by Joan to make sure we didn’t destroy the place. Our time finally arrived and we were whisked away to our room blindfolded and in a makeshift conga line – more nervous than celebratory, but excited nonetheless.

As soon as we took our blindfolds off, it was a four people rush around the room to find any clue that would help us escape back to the real-world. During our search, it was hard to ignore the broken dolls strewn on the floor and the bloody writing on the walls – sounds of insane laughter and creepy voices also added a bit of scare-factor to the entire experience. However, this was definitely a good motivator for my team to complete the room as quickly as possible.

We were granted five clues that we could ask for at anytime if we got stuck and I am not ashamed to say we used up all of them – we had lost time on a certain lock and we desperately wanted to finish before the hour was up. It’s definitely a compliment when I say that I hadn’t seen quite a few of the puzzles in other escape rooms I’ve attempted which made it just as challenging and fun as the first time I stepped into one of these rooms, hence the need for clues.

With 30 seconds left on the clock, it was a mad dash to the final lock where we managed to input the last code that would set us free just before the clock struck zero. Needless to say, the relief on our faces was evident as we stepped out the door and, with two newbies on the team, we were quite proud of our successful escape. After catching our breath, Joan walked us through the room and went over the different puzzles we completed, reminding us of some of our failed ideas that we had – everything was much easier and obvious in hindsight.

The whole experience was fun, frustrating and frightening all at the same time and we all agreed that we would be happy to come back for more brain boggling puzzles, but next time we would take on the Mad Scientist. For anyone looking for new things to try out with their friends, head to Labyrinth Escape Rooms for an exciting, new adventure.



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