Cliff Top Walking Track

Image credit: Shane Corderoy

Image credit: Shane Corderoy

Breathe in the fresh air and get your heart pumping with the Cliff Top walking track in the iconic Blue Mountains. This challenging walk takes you from Govetts Leap to Evans Lookout, leading you through dense, windswept heathland and offering breathtaking views of the Grose Valley below.

Starting at Govetts Leap, take a moment to admire the sprawling gorge in front of you, as well as the beautiful Bridal Falls in the distance before heading out. Take your time walking alongside the valley view until you come to a charming creek. Hop over the concrete steppingstones and follow the winding stairs up to the cliffs while keeping a look out for the different colourful wildflowers that bloom during spring. Bring some binoculars if you’re interested in birdwatching, too; yellow-tailed black cockatoos, king parrots and other bird varieties are known to visit the area.

Take a break at Hayward Gully where you can relax on the bench and enjoy the quiet atmosphere of the place. Once you’ve recharged, head on to Evans lookout, another vantage point with incredible views of the dense forest of the gorge. Catch your breath at the rock shelter hut, or maybe have a picnic backed by the valley. If that walk wasn’t enough for you, try your hand at the nearby Grand Canyon Track, a great way to experience canyoning without needing all the gear!

For more information on the Cliff Top Walking Track, including alerts for the area, refer to the National Park’s official website.

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