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9 Degrees

By Elly Manoe The word is out and people are delighted, professionals have unveiled the new and intoxicating path to happiness-bouldering. Establishing it's roots amidst the authentic culture of Europe, the concept of the boulder gym has trotted across the globe to land right here on our...


By Jessica Polak Have you ever joined a gym only to find that the constant cycle of arms day, legs day, and abs day just bores you after a couple of months, no matter how many times you update your workout playlist? Then you realise that you have to pay a nasty cancellation fee if you want...

Retrosweat | Tuesday – Thursday

What sounds like an ‘80s disco, looks like there’s enough fluro to fill a high schooler’s pencil case, and can burn up to 800 calories? Answer: Retrosweat, where retro home video workouts (you’re likely to find one buried in your mum’s old stuff in the garage) are combined with...

Yoga in Centennial Park | Wednesday and Friday

We all need to unwind sometimes - so what's better than heading to Centennial Park on a Wednesday or Friday morning to find your inner peace? Centennial Park is offering yoga two mornings a week for all your relaxation needs. Enjoy some downward dogs, sun salutes and child poses to get your...

D C ENO Hair Studio

by Meghna Bali   Gone are the days lads could stroll into their corner barbershop, get an $8 buzz cut and call it a day. Off late we’ve noticed clients both male and female becoming edgier and more experimental, driven by an inclination towards a style more bespoke. Inspired by...

Pilates Power and Physiotherapy

by Jessica Polak Feel empowered by undertaking a class at Pilates Power and Physiotherapy Cronulla, where a team of qualified fitness gurus will help unleash the best version of you. Pilates classes are available for people from all walks of life whether they’re looking to train for a...

Clearview Wellness Centre

Reawaken your senses at the Clearview Wellness Centre located in one of Australia’s most popular beach-side suburbs. Put your mind at ease with your choice of yoga or pilates which each feature several styles to help personalise your experience and provide valuable teachings to both beginners...


Want to eat healthy food but never seem to manage to find the time to put in that extra effort? Youfoodz is the perfect service that will help you increase the nutritional value of your meals without the added work. Youfoodz will deliver your order either to your home or place of work every...

KX Pilates

Stay in shape with a high-intensity workout that will get your heart going at KX Pilates in Surry Hills. The classes focus on strengthening your body while simultaneously improving flexibility and will certainly put your endurance to the test. There are both beginner and intermediate classes...

InYoga Studio

Clear your mind and rejuvenate your body at the InYoga Studio in Surry Hills where your teachers will take you through yoga poses that will give you a well-deserved respite from your daily stresses. There are four different types of classes to attend which each focus on a distinctive aspect of...

Marli Rose Hairdressing

Enter a premium salon with a relaxed environment at Marli Rose Hairdressing which caters to both men and women. The owner Jana Pana will provide her quality services honed over 15 successful years in the business alongside some of the most talented haircutters around. Enjoy an unforgettable...
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