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by Mackenzie Scott Japan is well known for its rich and deep culture. While much of its popular culture and tech is loved around the world, nothing is more popular than its food. Kensington Street in Chippendale is home to Spice Alley, an intimate food experience resembling a...

El Bulli

by Mackenzie Scott Simply stepping over the threshold of El Bulli in Surry Hills is enough to take you the 22 hours it would take to get to Spain. The intimate atmosphere, the salsa band and the flower filled vines that hang from the ceiling are exactly what you would find in a traditional...

Barista & Cook

by Lauren Piggott In a neighbourhood of high-rise apartment buildings and busy traffic, it’s refreshing to step into a trendy open space where plants line the ceiling. With natural lighting filling the place and the comfiest booth seating to sink into, Waterloo’s newest café Barista...

Taste of Shanghai

by Samantha Barrie A bustling CBD atmosphere, efficient service and a menu featuring an extensive range of authentic dishes has made Taste of Shanghai the number one choice for Sydneysiders looking to satisfy an Asian food craving. Conveniently located in World Square and open daily from...

Fat Angel Bar and Dine

by Samantha Barrie Conveniently situated on Elizabeth Street and projecting a relaxed vibe, Fat Angel is the perfect restaurant to enjoy a quiet cocktail and a quality Mediterranean meal. Having only opened recently in November, Fat Angel is set to be the next hotspot to capture the...

Delhi By The Way

by Lauren Piggott If Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital, then Delhi is without a doubt the food capital of India. With a rich street food culture, Delhi is home to the kind of delicacies that are unknown to most Sydneysiders. Unsatisfied with the Indian restaurants on offer in...

Mama’s Buoi

by Cyrene Cabantog Reading the menu at Mama’s Buoi feels a bit like that time your friend’s mum whipped out the photo albums when you came to visit. But unlike your mates, Bao Hoang doesn’t seem to mind glossing over the family story. There are just some inherently good things about a...

Darlo Country Club

by Lauren Piggott From boozy high teas to a winter themed ski chalet, this Darlinghurst establishment has undergone vastly different identities before becoming the newly opened Darlo Country Club. Now a tribute to LA-style country clubs, the one thing that has hasn't changed about this new...

Daisy’s Milkbar

by Lauren Piggott A trip to Daisy’s Milkbar is like experiencing a time travel mash-up between your childhood and the 1950s. You’ll be stopped in your tracks by the lolly shelves baring all the favourites that you would bug your parents for - ovalteenies, milko bars, wizz fizz and jars...

Kansas City Shuffle

by Lauren Piggott Sydneysiders are perhaps used to Texan style American BBQ joints and New Orleans inspired bars, but what about a brunch place dedicated to the Midwestern capital of Kansas City? Kansas City Shuffle brings a whole new kind of café to The Rocks, providing a delightful...

Mister Fox

by Cyrene Cabantog The first thing you should order at Mister Fox is the Aviator. If any place in Surry Hills has a lychee cocktail worth smacking a twenty on the bar for, it’s this one. Balanced, floral and ludicrously drinkable on even the most straight-laced of Mondays, one of these is...

Bishop Sessa

by Lauren Piggott All foodie-inclined Sydneysiders are sure to have frequented Crown Street, Surry Hills' concentrated hub of restaurants, cafés and bars. Amongst the Kings and Queens of Crown Street stands a Bishop named Sessa, drawing you in for a glass of wine and a creative but...

Since I Left You

by Lauren Piggott You arrive at the arched doorway and make your way through the rustic stone corridor. You watch your step as you wander inside the cosy bar, order a drink and step back outside into the courtyard. Now all that’s left to do is welcome the good times as you sink into...


by Shanice Adolphus Everything tastes better in a jaffle. Why order lasagne by itself when you can get it inside a jaffle? This quirky Mascot café brings to the table the perfect toasted sandwich, whether you'd prefer to stick to the classic toastie or rather a whole meal re-created...

Bridge St Garage

by Lauren Piggott There are few restaurants in Sydney that can take you on a culinary trip from Los Angeles through to Mexico and on to Peru, Brazil and Argentina. Bridge St Garage offers more than just this journey of flavours, but gives you the road trip itself. Take a seat in the...
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