Birchgrove and Surrounds

Located 5 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD, Birchgrove offers picturesque views of the Parramatta River, Cockatoo Island and Sydney city, making this waterfront area one of the wealthier suburbs of Sydney.

This inner west suburb was named after Birchgrove House, which was built by Lieutenant John Birch.  ‘Grove’ was added to the name of the building because the area was said to be full of orange trees and so the name was added accordingly.  Unfortunately, the house met its end in 1967 when it was demolished to make room for units.

Birchgrove is also the home of the Balmain Colliery, a coal mine that was operating from 1897 until 1945 and remains to be the deepest coal mine in Australia.  The harbour side parks, Ballast Point Park and Yurulbin Park are great vantage points that offer unique views of the harbour and Sydney city.





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